Archival Tune: Duncan Angus McRae

2014 Apr

This month the Archival Tune is a few samples of Gaelic songs sung by Duncan Angus McRae of St. Raphael’s. Someone states at the beginning of the tape that these were recorded in 1915 for John McMartin, who was one of the owners of the Hollinger Gold Mines. No more than two-dozen of these recordings […]

Archival Tune: “Little” Jack MacDonald pt 3

2014 Mar

We’ll finish the “Little” Jack MacDonald series of posts with Winston Scotty Fitzgerald’s recollections of MacDonald in Cape Breton Magazine, volume 46. Fitzgerald was visiting Buddy MacMaster in Cape Breton, and after a late night he was awoken by a visit from MacDonald. Here’s what he says: “We got to bed – I don’t know […]