Archival Tune of the Month: Angus Chisolm

2014 Nov

For November’s archival tune, we return to the fiddle. This month features Angus Chisolm playing in Mabou in June 1952. Born in Margaree Forks, Cape Breton in 1908, Chisolm was one of the first fiddlers from the island to record albums. He played in the Cape Breton Symphony along with Wilfrid Gillis, Jerry Holland, Winston […]

Archival Tune of the Month: Pipe Bands at the Lochiel Social

2014 Oct

This month we’ll feature some bagpipe tunes. These were recorded at a Lochiel social held at St. Alexandria’s Church sometime in the 1960s. The recording starts with an introduction, followed by a pipe band playing The Road to the Isles (the track ends quite abruptly). The second track is a pipe band playing Back to […]